Betsydoglover & Kerry, It was Victor Hugo!!

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Thank you so much! That is the inscription on the statue at MD Anderson. It was such a beautiful statue. I really hope they put it back after the construction!
Kerry, I hope you can see it while you are there and I will be thinking of you on June 7/8. I hope you have very good news to report to us! I remember seeing that statue when I was in my darkest days recovering from both of the surgeries (liver and lung resection). I don't know why I never wrote it down, but I am so glad that someone knew what I was talking about!
Thanks, You guys are the best!


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    Thank You MoniqueB too! I guess you guys are just better at searching the internet than I am, because I could not find it!
    Thanks so much, I loved it when I saw it.
    Best wishes,