More questions about psa

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Thaks Photon for the fast reply. My doctor said do not worry until my psa grts to .20.I am at .11 now.He said most paitents never get to zero and most hang around my number.
1.Is that a common experience among some of you?
2.What happens if it does come back? From what I have read it looks like there are lots of options.
Thanks again to all of you.


  • fcatroneo
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    I had a RP in December, 2006 and my doctor told me the same....your PSA does not got to "0". I think the "gold standard" is less than .05.

    I had my first PSA 3 months after surgery and it was less than .05. Now I go in 6 months for another PSA. I guess if it stays around .05 than can go back to yearly test.

    If your PSA does start rising you still have lots of options since your original procedure was surgery.