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Hi. I was diagnised almost 3 years ago. PSA WAS 3.77.Dropped to .10 after a shot. Had rp and margins and nodes were all clear. my psa has been in a range from .09-.13.I thought it was suppoed to go to zero. My doc says look at the big picture. Should i be concerned? My gleason was 6. I also had testicular cancer two years before that. Both were caught very early.This is my first time here-thanks for the help.


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    My psa never went to zero after the RP and RT. After the RP it was 0.3 and immediately after the RT is was 0.27. That was 2004 then in 2006 my psa was down to 0.22 but my urologists who never trusted my psa readings - like you I had a low psa 6.4 and Gleasons of 8s&9s - sent me for a further mri and they found metastatic disease in the lymph system. Now I am on casodex and the psa has dropped to zero. My advice is to ask the good doc for an annual mri.

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