Recurent After Radiation

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12 years ago I had radiation for 8 weeks 5 days each week. Since that time my PSA stayed below .4. Last week I was told that it had jumped to 2.1. Another test was ordered, but not until the first part of July. My Urologist said that he believes that my cancer has returned.

He briefly stated that there were few options as I had radiation treatment earlier, and any type of cutting in that area would be extreamely dangerous as it would not heal.

He said that we would talk more after the next test came back. That really set me on edge, and I can't find much info as to what is available.

I was 50 when I had the radiation treatment and have had no problems until now.

Does anyone know where I might find some info on treatments for this type of problem. I am about to lose my mind.




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    I went through the same thing 4 years ago at age 52 and my urologist says the cancer has metastisized to the bone. He says about all he would recommend now is more hormone therapy. It will do no good to worry and if you can just reduce the stress in your life by letting go control of daily issues you will be surprised how much better life is. You have been lucky to have had no problems till now and the less you concern yourself with this condition the longer you will live and the happier you will be. You really do not have control of the future and you can not let the future control you.