has anyone "heard'' from Heidinmatt?

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Hi ladies.....It has been a loooooooooooong time since I posted. I was dx ovc stage 2c grade 3 in Dec.2000. Had 2 rec. I am now in rem. going on 9mths. The very first time I posted here, Heidinmatt responded, and we exchanged e-mails,ect.Well, the last time I talked to her was right before my first rec. I have not been on the comp. in a long time, and I seem to have lost contact with her. Does anyone know anything about her? How she is doing? (she has stage 4 ovc) Please let me know. Please also know that if I can be of any help to anyone(I am no stranger to this disease---6yrs. and counting) please let me know!!!! Thankyou so much for help and strength--- we all need it!! Patti


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    I'm sorry I can't tell you about Heidinmatt. If she's on your 'My Friends' list it will show the last time she visited the site. Also, did you try e-mailing her through this website? I hope you can get in touch with her again soon.

    Congratulations on being a two-time survivor! So am I! I had OVCA Stage 1C in 2000 and just had a recurrance in February 06. My last chemo was July 06, so I suppose that means I've been in remission for 10 months! So, it sounds like we've been side by side in this since the beginning! I will be getting my usual monthly CA125 this week. My last count was 10, down from 13 in January and February. So, I'm hoping it stays down. I will have my CT next week, and will see the doctor the following week. Well, you know how it is, always waiting from test-to-test for results. I'll pray for your continued remission. Hope to talk to you again soon!
    Hugs & Prayers!