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I am writing to you because I saw your response to someone about your stage IV colon cancer. My dad has stage IV. He was diagnosed in 2002 (multiple surgeries and treatments since then). One of our surgeries took place at Johns Hopkins so we are familiar with that hospital and love it. Until September 06, his cea had never been above 17. In September 06, his cea climbed to 55 and the pet scan showed multiple mets (8-10) in his liver. Went on treatment at the end of October (cea had reached 189). By February cea had dropped to 57. Now, cea is 79 or higher and new pet/ct scan shows that there is one new lesion in the liver and two of the lesions grew slightly. Also, ct shows 8 spots on the lungs but they do not lite up on the pet. Report claims that they may be too small to lite up on the pet. We are very nervous but your post makes me hopeful. Can you tell me how you were treated (drugs/surgery, etc...). I do not think that the doctor is being aggressive enough and I want to get a second opinion but need to convince my dad (very old fashioned). Thanks!!! Your story is inspirational.