A better day for Mother's Day

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Let me start with the good news. Last week's MRI showed improvement in Bill's brain tumors over the original one. Our oncologist will now take everything to the Gamma Knife team and they'll decide if they want to wait another 6 weeks to see if there is additional improvement or forge ahead now. To be honest we were both surprised at this news because while we were in Michigan and he was completely off the steroids, his symptoms came back ( falling, disorientation-- he didn't even remember we were in Michigan) Thankfully I had discussed what happens when you come off the steroids with the doctor before we left and he told me to take the pills with me and call him directly if I saw a problem. You bet I called! He immediately put him back on a medium strength dose and once again there was improvement right away and the last half the visit was fine! Each day now gets better again and he can stay on these meds until the team decides what to do next.
AND.. a support group for caregivers started while we were away. I'll be going this week to check it out.



  • Susan956
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    You had been on my mind this week. Glad that you and Bill are making progress with the beast... Hope you have a good Mothers Day. Enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having.

    Take Care... God Bless...

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    Great news (the improvement, of course)!

    And about the support group....you caregivers have a special place in my heart...our true angels....AND you with your own set of challenges!!! Please keep us posted about both of you....

    Double hugs, kathi
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    Great news about the improvement, Kathy. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


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    Great news! Best wishes for a Happy Mother's Day!!!!
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    How wonderful to hear your good news:) There had to be a break in the storm sooner or later.
    One note though. I don't know how long your
    husband has been on steroids or how long they will keep him on them, but check with your onc
    about supplementing with calcium as steroids prevent the absorption of this mineral. Some suggest taking Vit D3 as well. This is usually for long term steroid use. Hope you've had a wonderful day.