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I would like to chat with someone taking Alimta & Avastin together.
I have Stage 4 NSCLC and during the last year I have been on Gemzar/Carbo, Tarceva, Taxol/Avastin, and now I am on Alimta/Avastin and Decadron. I have had very little trouble eating or nausea and on the previous drugs I typically only had trouble with being weak or tired for a couple of days after chemo. I have the Avastin/Alimta every 3 weeks but I feel tired almost every day and eating is is nearly a constant problem. I am taking (dexamethasone) Decadron 4mg every other day. Oh, and yes I do take Folic Acid every day too.
I am concerned because when I search the internet for Alimta side effects and patient stories I keep reading about how easy it is and how patients go back to work the day after chemo. I feel like I am always wanting to eat, but even a small portion of food makes me feel full and uncomfortable. The third and fourth day after chemo I am so sick it is the worst experience I have had since my DX a year ago. For 48 hours I can't lie down and I can hardly eat anything. I have to sit up in a chair for 2 days and wait for it to pass.
So could anyone out there share their Alimta/Avastin experience with me?
In the 3 weeks between treatments I probably only have 5 days where I feel close to normal and I am active. The odd part is they are not consecutive. The good days are scattered during the 3 weeks. I know some of my problem is the Decardon (steroids) making it difficult to sleep. I have a persistant cough that interrupts my sleep too. I have to prop up my head or sleep in the recliner because if I lie completly flat on my back or side I start coughing. Oh well, I guess that is enough whinning and complaining. Sorry if I ran on too long.
Thanks for listening, Cinci Rick.


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    You may want to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with your questions. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345. I wish you the very best.

    Take care and be well,

    CSN Dana
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    Hi, i'm just reading this now and wanted to share with you that my dad who has Stage 4 lung cancer has been on alimta and carboplatin..he has metastisis to the brain and the alimta was very helpful and reduced the cancer cells in his brain..he did not need to do radiation b/cuz of it. so it has been helpful. he had his final round of carboplatin and will now only be on alimta. he did not have any side effects but eats very well..i do believe in a good diet to supplement cancer treatment is helpful. i would love to share more if you'd like. hope you are well.
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    I am NSCLC Stage 4 since April '08 after 6 months in Stage 3B (with 3xchemo Taxotere + xxxPlatine and 28xradio). Now metastate in Liver and Backbone. Just finished 5x radio on Backbone and start 1xchemo Alimta; 1xchemo with Alimta and Avastin with 1 week of delay; 1xchemo Alimta Avastin Combo. Today I shall receive the second chemo Alimta Avastin Combo. After the 1st combo, the unique effect I noticed was being weak and tired for almost 18 days over a 21 day periods. No eating or disgestion problem even I have more than 4 meals daily. I'm taking Fortecortin 4mg and Folic Acid 1mg too. Hoping this info help you