cin III and repeat LEEP

I just had my first cervical biopsy. My pap was normal, but I am HPV+, and there were lesions on my cervix. The path report came back showing severe dysplasia, CIN III. I then had a LEEP procedure. My LEEP result shows they got most of the severe cervical dysplasia (CIN III) but the margins of the endocervical tissue were not clear. I am to have the LEEP repeated in FOUR months. Is this too long? Why was there such a rush to do the LEEP, and now when I know there's still bad tissue in there, I have to wait four months. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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    I am suprised that they are waiting so long to do a second LEEP. Did they give you a reason why? I only had to wait 6 weeks after my LEEP to have a radical hysterectomy for my cervical cancer. I was told that's how long it takes to really heal up after having the LEEP procedure. Maybe there is a health-care provider you could question about this delay. That's a long time to leave you anxious & in limbo.