Port removal

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I have never posted before but visit every day. I was diagnosed as stage 4 in Dec.05....It seems like such a long time ago. HOWEVER....I had my port removed last Thursday and just removed the bandages....I am now beginning my new life....with my new wings I will fly....a bit scared though!!!!!


  • alta29
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    wow..that sound great !!! I hope to do the same one day....Just enjoy, celebrate and visualize health.. Because you have never posted...Did you do anything different? Diet, etc ??
    God bless
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    Congrats Lynn! That is good to hear. I can identify with the idea of a new life post-port. I was diagnosed stage 4 in Feb. 06, Surgery in Aug. 06 and finished chemo at the end of Jan 07. Been NED since the surgery. Probably think about removing my port with a clear scan in June... You are motivational!

    Congrats again! Live strong, healthy & happy.

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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the news. God Bless and good luck.
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    Congrats on losing the port!!! Sort of like flying without a net, huh? I 'lost' mine after 2 years and 2 cancers...I can wear sexy necklines again!!! Feels soooo good!

    Congrats, also, on the life BEYOND cancer....

    BIG HUGS, Kathi
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    Lynn -

    What AWESOME news!!! Congrats! You're so right, it is a new life. I didn't have a port put in (macho thing), but my fiancee just had her's removed on the 24th so Iknow how you must feel!


    - SpongeBob
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    Good News!!!I'm sure it feels good to move on and start your new life. Enjoy every minute!
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    Bravo LynnN. I remember being so scared to get that thing out. I figured if I kept it in I would never ever need it. But I let them take it out... only I asked to keep it. I still have it. I come across it in the drawer every once in awhile.... it reminds me that I made it. And it reminds me that I still don't need it. Then I say a little prayer....