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Hello everyone. Sorry I have not been on the computer. To update you I had my surgery done March 20th to remove the rest of the colon and rectum. In August 2003 I was Dx. with colon cancer ST.4 8/20 lymph nodes positive. I had an illeostomy and the remaining part of the colon still since Aug.2003. I discussed with my DR. about a possible re-connection however it would have been too dangerous. (it would have to be a double re-connection). The plan was to remove the colon rest of the colon and rectum and live with the illeostomy. Then my back went out with 4 compression fractures. I have been out of work since Nov.2006. I had the surgery March 20th. The colon was removed however the rectum could not be removed. It was profusely bleeding and was bound to the bladder with scar tissue. I have been recuperating home. NO cancer was seen. I have great news. Even my anemia has seemed to rebound for some odd reason I have not needed any transfusions since NOv.2006. MY HGB. has been normal. Drs. are baffled. I lost 30#. Even with all this great news I am depressed. I will be seeing my DR. to start on cymbalta. I miss working. MY back still hurts. I have alot to be greatful for. There is a God and alot of support from family and friends. I have been on this medication to take the pain out of my back and I am trying with the help of the Drs. to taper off.
I think that is destroying everything along with not being able to do much with the back. Your friend FRan


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    Fran -

    Sounds like you are doing much better. Hopefully your improved/improving medical situation will help speed alongyet more recovery and improve your depression.


    - SB
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    That is great news Fran. I e-mailed you but that was before I read this post. Sorry, I think you answered some of my questions! Anyway, at least you don't have to worry about the cancer anymore! Yea! Are you feeling better, other than the depression? I'm sorry your back is still not much better. Keep after those doctors about it, don't give up!
    I also hope soon you will be feeling more positive and be able to enjoy the summer.
    Talk to you soon,
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    I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. I will continue to pray for you and that your back pain subsides.

    God bless,

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    Fran -

    The news sounds really good. I will continue to send wishes about your back - chronic pain really sucks - hopefully a resolution can be found.

    Meanwhille, best wishes,

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    (((((((((((Fran)))))))))))) See I told you so,you ROCK. Keep on hanging in there ,your old mate Ron.
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    I am so proud to know a strong, courageous person named Fran! I can feel the back tumor was pressing against my filled my world with the pain!!!

    But, the rest of your news confirms that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a freight train!!!

    I can't remember what you used to work at...but is it possible to do it free-lance? My biggest saving was that I am a computer consultant...self-employment, although sometimes scary, was the godsend that saw me through...

    Hugs (VERY gently) Kathi
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    What great news! I have been wondering about you, and how you were doing. I am so happy for you, now if your back would get better, you can enjoy the warm weather thats coming. I am having my annual PET/CT scan on May 8th.. so please keep me in your prayers.

    Your friend in PA
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    Hi Fran. Really good news! Congratulations. You must be so relieved the surgery is over and NO sign of cancer. That's wonderful. Hopefully the back pain will improve now and you will do well on the cimbalta. Keeping you and all in my prayers.
    God Bless
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    Oh Fran, I am so happy for the news of no Cancer, as you said God is good, I am sure you will recuperate from your back problem as well, and with the help of the antidepressant you will start to enjoy life again, God bless you. Hugs