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Wll, afte the test that I was the least worried about, I found that my 1b NSLC has spread to the brain, 5 mets, so now I'm stage 4. My support group is great, but I don't know how to respond to some questions. No one on my medical team is talking about "cure", but they aren't sayin "only a year or so" either. How do you answer thoise questions without making everyone around you sad? I'm being honest, but is it TOO honest?


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    Be honest. Nobody knows. At best they give you a guess, based on history, not on new drugs and the future. I was told I had 16 to 18 months. That was 22 months ago, but they did not know my chief physician I was not a candidate for surgery or radiation. . You can type ernrol in the search box at top of screen, then click on any place you see ernrol to the right of screen. This will take you to my web page. If you would like more info about the things I did let me know, and I can e-mail them. or you can go to the site below that has more info.

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