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I was diagnosed with ovca, stage 3c, in Feb 2005. I went out of remission in July 2006. I have been on carboplatin and Topotecan for 4 treatments. after 2 treatments it showed a slight decrease. I had another ct scan yesterday and it show no change. My doc was not upset but said I had stabilized disease. She is going forward with two more cycles of carbo and Topotecan and then doing another ct. If I am still stabilized or shopefully shrinking I will receive two more cycles. She then said she would put me on Topotecan to keep things in check. Is anyone out there have stabilized disease and if so what are you doing or it and how are you coping? I am devastated right now as I thought the tumors would have decreased. The tumors are in my chest wall which is a rare occurrence. Also I am a rare in the fact that my ca125 has been normal since my reoccurrence (9 --13) Has anyone else had this?


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    Is your Dr. putting you on Topotecan as a maitenence after you finish with the topo/carb combo??? I have what they call stable disease as well. They know it's in there but stop the chemo once I get into the normal range. Then my Onc/gyn just monitors it with ca-125 and ct scans. he said it is better this way to give me a break to get strong again, to fight the next recurrence. I don't like that, I feel like I should be treating this disease on a daily basis, but he's an excellent Dr. the best in the area, so I just have to trust him and believe that God will pull me through!!!! Good luck...(((hugz)))...Joanne
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    Hi Collins, glad to hear the cancer decreased and the word stabilized is good. Some people do go on a maintance like Topotecan. I have scattered tumors in the nodes on my chest wall, have for a long time and still here. I hope this line of treatment gives you a long chemo break.

    Prayers N Hugs Bonnie
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    Hi Collins, I have recently stabalized at with a ca125 of 25 and am on a 10-day cycle of Topotecan. It is by far the easiest chemo I've had and I hope and pray that it keeps working. I've been rejoicing the idea that the cancer is not growing. My normal ca is about 8. I totally accept the idea of maintenance and am thankful that there are still some drugs I can use to keep the disease in check. Maybe the cure will happen in our lifetime, but this is still a very good quality of life and I'm feeling blessed to be here.

    I hope you are feeling better emotionally and not tooo wiped out with the carbo/topo combo. Look forward to just the Topotecan, it's much more tolerable. I've been on it for 3 months now and have traveled extensively, even flying out the day after treatment.
    I will pray that you are stronger every day. All the best to you.