Verdict is back - no liver mets!

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My dear CSN family,

For all of you who have provided me with prayers, healthy vibes, kind thoughts and gentle encouragments, I am so happy to tell you that all of your positive thinking worked its magic again. I just found out that suspecious spot on my liver is not a liver metastases, and in all likelihood just a cycst. Hurrah! All of a sudden the sky is bluer, the birds are singing, I am singing and life just feels grand again!

For those of you wondering what this was all about - I was stage II, ascending colon, dx Christmas 2005 @39, HNPCC suspect, 6 months folfox 2006. In March, on my 2nd 6-month post chemo PET/CT scan they saw a large leison on my liver (1cm around), but they were not sure whether it was a camera artifact or a liver met. Duh! That was about a month and a half ago. So I have been living the dread for a long time while begging my doctors, begging my insurance company, begging the hospital, and finally I got a special biphasic liver scan. But hey, it was all worth it and I feel I can finally exhale and get on with living again!

Thanks for all of you who rooted for me! You are just the best!



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    Ying -

    I am so happy - that is such great news - what a relief! Go out and enjoy (or perhaps just collapse in relief.)

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    Ying -

    Woo-Hoo! Great news. As you said; you can exhale now...

    - SB
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    Terrific news Ying. Am very happy for you. CELEBRATE! God Bless.
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    Right on Ying! That is fantastic. I know how horrible the anxiety can be. I have a cyst on my liver too. Fortunately ( I guess ) it has been there all throughout this ordeal so it never gave me a scare, but anyway, get out there and enjoy your summer!!!
    Take care,
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    Hugs, Kathi
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    You Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!

    Now you are ready for the Big Sur International Marathon this weekend!!!!! I can't wait to hear what that is like for you.

    See you in Nashville when I can give you a well deserved hug.

    Lisa P.
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    Tears of joy!! What great news. Can't wait to see you either in Austin or in Nashville in September. Run that marathon with gusto!! Life is good.


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    Great news, Ying....who ever thought you'd be so thrilled to have a cyst in your liver? Music to my ears, too. Like Bev says, here's hoping the good luck holds; I have my PT scan tomorrow; results probably on Monday....a really long time to hold my breath, but we have plenty of daffodils to distract me. Any trips planned to Boston soon? Great new hotel, the Intercontinental, on the harbor...I'd recommend it over your last stay! Judy
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    Hi from Buenos Aires
    Great news Ying!

    Hi Gang - Just a reminder dx Dec. 05, Stage IV, mets to liver and lungs. Doctors told me my chemo options were becoming limited and I decided to take a chance on a doctor here in Bs As. I have family here so the decision was not that hard to make. What we are doing here is called receptive therapy (or in Italian Terapia Recetoriali). It is nuclear medicine and widely used in Europe but not in Canada or the States. The beauty of the treatment is no side effects. The other part is that it works according to everyone´s own genetic makeup. Anyways, I am a couple of weeks away from the first set of scans but I will keep you posted as soon as I hear something. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Monica
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    That's wonderful news, Ying. Celebrate! What a relief!

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    Dear Ying

    I'm SO thrilled for you! Enjoy the spring!

    All my very best, Catherine
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    That is GREAT NEWS!!!! I don't remember seeing a post that you had issues or were going through this. If I missed your post I apologize.

    I would recommend doing something special this weekend with your better half.
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    Hi Ying, how happy I feel for you,I have been thinking a lot about you after your post letting us know about your worries,and was waiting for this wonderful news,congratulations and go and enjoy life.
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    Although i hate the wait, the relief if awsome at the end. congratulations Ying. that must have been on heck of a long month. keep building on that good news.
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    Way to go love it!
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    Ying that is AWESOME! Way to go!

    so happy to hear the news.

    peace, emily
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    Great news!! Celebrate!!!

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    I'm sooo glad to hear the good news! Now you can take a BIG breath and enjoy the summer. Good luck in the race! HUGS.

    Lisa F.