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Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that long term survivors are still around and kicking! For those of you who are new...I was diagnosed at 36 years old with stage 3 rectal cancer. After a lot of treatment, surgery, then treatment...I am now more than 8 years into a wonderful new life and am considered cured. It was a tough takes tenacity, but there is a reward at the end. I continue to work as a prosecutor full time, run, and help coach my kid's sports when I can help out. My daughter and I recently ran the Daytona beach 4 mile beach race while on spring break...I was about 60th out of some 600 runners, not bad for a 44 year old! My daughter won her age group. If you asked me 8 years ago if this would all be possible I would have seriously doubted it. But modern medicine and perserverance are strong weapons...and some excercise, healthy foods and optimism thrown in. Keep fighting survivors...Lance beat cancer and just kept winning the most difficult bike race in the world. We can beat cancer by living every day to the fullest, even in the midst of unknowns.


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    Runner -

    I love ya like a brother, but I'm afraid I gotta throw the flag here...

    At first blush, counsel, 60th out of a field of 600 runners sounds pretty good - top 10% even (yes, I am a truly gifted mathemetician)... BUT, let us examine the other evidence presented here. Daytona Beach... spring break... I respectfully submit the preponderance that the majority of the other runners were totally hung-over hence that marvelous showing (which undoubtedly would have beat me hands-down; I would have been in 550s somewhere!) The only time I would ever run in Daytona is during Bike Week after complementing some "dude" on his neat-o Kawasaki (speaking of living life to its fullest)!

    Way to go, Runner and Li'l Runnerette!
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    Keep checking in with us. You are such an inspiration!
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    Good to know you are doing great!!! and staying healthy. Keep on truck', I mean running!

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    Hey Runner,
    Good to hear from you.!!! Top 10%, great job.
    Keep beating the beast.
    Be well
    Never,Ever give up!!!!
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    Happy to hear it Runner. Good for you! Thanks for the encouragement. It's impressive that you came in 60th. Congratulations too, to your daughter who won in her age group. Best wishes for continued good health for you and your family.

    (p.s. keep putting those bad guys/gals away too!)
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    Thanks so much for your upbeat message!!!

    I think competitive kicking should become an Olympic sport :-)

    Congrats on a life living to the fullest. You're an inspiration!

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    Runner, congrats. living life to the fullest each day is the key. I am inspired each and every time I hear how cancer does not win. Life is about living and it sounds like you got that figured out. congratulations on winning a good fight.
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    G'day Runner,
    Keep on keepin on mate,you are doing well,not just in surviving ca but surviving life,best wishes Ron.
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    Great job to you and your daughter! Congrats!
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    Happy that everything is going great for you! I haven't been on the line for awhile had some more problems awhile ago but am glad to see some of us old timers here like spongebob and kangatoo. Your living proof that this disase can be beaten. Keep on running, Maggi