Dad surgeries

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Hi my father is 61yrs young he was building a 3 car garage prior to being diagnosed with cancer on both his kidneys in December 2006. His first surgery was the end of January 07 was 4hr surgery and complete removal of the kidney, lymph node, some belly fat, and extensive cleaning of the vena cava. The lymph node came back non cancerous. The cancerous tumor was removed and was 2 1/2 times the size of a normal kidney. The second surgery was five wks later which consisted of another 4 hour surgery and the sencond kidney was removed , frozen and then only 1/4 was cut off. It was larger than the normal kidney and had already taken on the job of the other removed. It has been 5 weeks later now and the recovery has been very slow. To date it is uncomfortable for him to ride in a vehicle. Any movement is painful. I would love to find anyone that has had a partial kidney cut on and one completely removed. Someone that could give my dad hope of full and complete recovery. He at times seems to have hopelessness. If you are this person can you please respond to my email.