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I need help in finding info on chest tubes given to pt. that have lung cancer.there is a pic of it on my page turtle68.He [my dad] is getting really sick and getting into depression.. wanting to give up the fight cause nobody seems to know what to do PLEASE take a moment to look at the photo !!


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    Turtle, I understand your frustration having gone through caregiving with my own Dad and having my own battle with cancer less than two years later. I had a chest tube after surgery, it was supposed to come out before I left the hospital. However, I was told until the lung stopped "leaking" I would have to continue to keep the tube. It was horrible and I understand your father's depression. I had the tube in for almost a month, I think, it's all sort of a blur.
    Are you saying the doctors don't know what to do? If that is the case, please keep in mind you can always get a second opinion, in fact, I would encourage it. It is imperative to have a doctor that is willing to take time to explain things. If it is just that you and your family don't know what to do, well, join the club. This is a hideous illness and I don't think many people go into it knowing what to do....I sure didn't.
    Hang in there and God Bless.