I am beside myself....

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My close friend has informed me she has been dx with lung and bone cancer.
Her spirits are good,my humour rubbed off on her so she's laughing. she has a good support from her family..which I am very happy about..
I so wish we were closer ,I'd be there at her side(she is in Montreal & I in GA).At least she has my looong distant support and glad that we can chat when she is up to it. I feel so bad that the ugly beast grabbed her.


  • KathiM
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    As you know, these are both tough beasts to beat. Not impossible, just a tougher battle. Having the right attitude and people around that love you are essential. She is blessed to have both...even if you are only close in chat!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • cabbott
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    Cancer is rough no matter how many kinds you have. The treatments for different types varies, so it makes a difference whether she has a spread of lung cancer to the bone or actually two different kinds of primary cancers. I also am diagnosed with two kinds: lung and breast cancer. I was so shocked on the second diagnosis that I reacted with humor. I suppose it is black humor, but I figured "it" can only kill me once so why get depressed over a second diagnosis. The worse part after the surgery has been making it to two sets of specialists when they need to see me and still have time for a normal job and homelife. But that too is easier the second time around. Taking care of my immune system by eating right and exercising helps no matter what I have. And they tell me that a good sense of humor and a strong social network helps too. I think your friend is lucky to have you to chat with.