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Hi Ernrol. I'm in the UK and have been searching for positive info since my dad (56), was diagnosed with NSCLC. Stage 3b/c. He was diagnosed on 30th March. We've been told the type he has is squamous cell. It is inoperable but he will be having chemo and radiotherapy starting in about 3 weeks. I was just wondering what type of cell your cancer was. We have found your web site very encouraging. I noticed you recieved Tarceva. My dad hasnt been offered this as it is not widely available here. Do you think that it is very important he has this drug? We are going to see the chemo Drs this Wednesday. Thanks. Lis.


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    Hi. I just thought i'd share what I know. Tarceva is usually used in advanced non-small cell lung cancer. In studies, Tarceva has worked best with Asian non-smoking women. I don't think it's used at all in smoker's lung cancer. What I've heard is that in most of the patients in studies, Tarceva didn't work that well, but in the patients that it was effective, it worked REALLY well. It's also used usually just as a second line treatment, but sometimes first. My dad, who is a nonsmoker, is actually on it right now as first line treatment for stage 4 adenocarcinoma. We're crossing our fingers that it will work. The only side effects he has is an increased cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, and rash. HOpe that helps!