Where to buy Temodar?

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Hello. My friend in Asia is taking Temodar (aka Temozolomide, Temadol) and Tarcevaa Erotinib. Price of these medicines are very expensive over there. I'm wondering where I can buy it cheaper here in USA and mail it to him. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  • janinemah
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    Chemo is very expensive everywhere. Mom was on temodar and it was $15,000.00 for something like a 21 day dose..seems like..its been a over a year since she was on it..anyway..I'm sorry not to be able to help your friend. OH I'm in the USA...
  • margin
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    only suggest your friend come to usa to see if they could be treated with cheaper temodar.or contact national cancer society and ask if they could give you any info for your friend.good luck