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I just read the post for last cpl days and saw that u are having same symptoms I was having with the diarrhea flare ups. I had tried everything as well. Took Immodium, Lomotil, Fiber all like candy plus several other things that onc Rx'd that had side effect of constipation w/o any luck. In Jan this yr, I was at my wits end and was asking my GI for a colostomy (had LAR and no colostomy little over 3 yrs ago). I just couldn't take it anymore. I have been a prisoner to this house for 3 yrs. Anyway on with the story at beginning of Feb 07, my GI Rx'd Paregoric for me and I have had about a 95% improval for most part. Don't get me wrong, there are days I have to take extra doses of it or Immodium, Lomotil along with it but not having the 15-20 episodes everyday I was having before. I didn't see where ur docs had given this to you so I hope this is an option, my onc also just told me to add a dose of liquid iron to my dose of the paregoric as well as I think I am building a tolerance to this as well. I, too, could never pinpoint certain foods that "triggered" the episodes. I hope this offers another option for you and others. Funny how an "oldie" is the one that has helped the most.



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    Good point. Just a reminder that if the iron is added the stools will turn black so not to be alarmed if that happens.