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In Dec. 2004, I had my entire left lung removed. Since then, I have had regular checkups, CT Scans and X-rays. Yesterday, I had another X-ray and although the Doctor did not see any signs of recurrence, he did mention that my heart has been progressively shifting position. Has anyone ever heard of this or experienced a problem because of this? The doctor did not seem to be overly concerned (at least not at this point). If there is a problem, I just want to nip it in the bud. Althought he did not give it a name, I found a term called POSTPNEUMONECTOMY SYNDROME on the WEB.


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    Hi Bill, I dont know anything of the condition you speak of but Im sure the doc would have lined up more tests if there was something to be concerned about. I also notice you been cancer free for 3 years. THATS FANTASTIC. Im praying and hoping for the same results. Did you have any lymph nodes effected?