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Hi everyone,
I hardly post anymore but I do read everyone's messages daily and pray for all of you. I was just wondering if anyone here has developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I would appreciate any input you may have. I am 3 years 2 months NED (thank God) but still have excessive bowel movements, much gas and terrible spasms. I have tried many medications and nothing seems to work very well. Some days, I am perfectly fine but others; ugh...It is getting hard to travel and I was wondering if anyone has IBS what do you do for it and what do you take (if anything). I have tried to pinpoint foods that might trigger these attacks but to no avail. Thanks for listening.


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    My husband has suffered with IBS for about 5 years (doesn't have colon cancer) and all I can offer is some of what we have noticed makes a bit of difference. First he never eats big meals anymore he has very small ones. Also he avoids spicy foods at all times. The one thing that he often tells me is that its never the same trigger food twice. He has started taking metamucil at bedtime and he never eats a meal later than 7:00 pm. That seems to help with the frequency of the attacks. Also what we seem to notice is that when his attacks worsen(happen more frequently) he books a colonscopy (ever 3 or so years) and typically afterwards his spasms lessen. I don't know if it is related or not.
    I hope you will find some comfort. I know how painful IBS can be.
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    Have you talked to your GI guy?

    I was mis-diagnosed as having IBS when I had colon cancer. When my goofy GP thought I had IBS, he told me to take lots of fiber - metamucil and walk 1/2 hour a day. To be honest it didn't help much, coz, hm, I had cancer.

    I think if you're having this much GI track problem, you really oughtta go see your gastroenterologist.

    Good luck,
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    I'm not sure what you had done for your cancer. Did you have a reconnection? There are a number on this board who have had that and it seems that there are posts that people who have that may have a problem with frequent bowel movements and symptoms like IBS. They may respond to you. One suggestion is to keep a diary for two weeks of everything that goes into your mouth with the times and the times and type of bowel movements and symptoms of pain. It is tedious but may give you a better idea of triggers. Stress can also be a big trigger.

    Hope you can get it under control. Your gastroenterologist can give you more specific information but the diary can help them with that as well.

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    Hi Annette,
    I am so sorry to hear that you are still plagued by those IBS symptoms; it was 3 years ago that we were doing the chemo stuff at the same time, and at least that is all behind us. Have you asked your GI doc for a referral to a specialist in bowel management, and does s/he really know what you are going through? I had horrible problems with constipation, and it wasn't until I nearly lost it in my GI docs office that he understood that I was more than just uncomfortable, and his casual suggestions for increased fiber weren't helping one bit. Please make sure your doc understands the extent of your issues, and if s/he does, then I would get a second opinion on how to manage. (My niece had a major work-up for her terribly increased IBS issues, which were at first minimized by her doc, and they discovered she had a parasite, probably picked up in her island travels). Best wishes to you; keep in touch. Judy
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    I take half of an immodium before I fly anywhere to avoid in-flight problems. (I also always try to get an aisle seat for the same reason.) I had a low anterior resection 29 months ago and I have many of the problems you are suffering with also. Small meals, none after 7 p.m., etc.as everyone else recommends are the best help I have gotten. Of course, the help came from this board and the rest of the semi colons. Good luck. We are "behind" you all the way.
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    I finished 6 months of CMF chemo for breast cancer in November 2010. After one month of chemo I had serious cramping and a few bouts of diarrhea. I went on a bland diet (bananas, toast, Instant Breakfast Drink) and pretty much couldn't eat regular food at all for the remaining 5 months. I craved tacos! After being off chemo for 2 months now I can eat regular food but still have cramping, lots of gas and "grumbling" stomach, constipation but no diahrea. I never had this before having chemo. Doctor said this wasn't caused by chemo but did anyone out there have this when they went thru chemo?