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wondering if anyone has used this and how numb your mouth really gets from it. My mouth is extremly sore and i have lots of sores and its very dry, but i do not like numbing feeling it makes me sick. I keep gagging and coughing up flemlike is this normal? any suggestions or help?


  • Steve1004
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    My onconlogist gave me a mouthwash that contained lanocaine, which made my mouth numb. I did not use it much for the same reason.
    I also was coughing up large amounts of phlegm. My nurse practitioner suggested rinsing with Alkalol, which is available over the counter. She also suggested Robitussion expectorant or a generic egual. Both of these helped without the numbing feeling. However, I'd ask your doctor prior to trying these.
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    Hey there...I used the magic mix and seemed to get along ok....I keep water by me all the time now....the phlem will get a little better but I still deal with it and dry mouth as well....try some of that mouth wash for dry works well and there is also a toothpaste...I can't think of the name for it .....also i use a mouth spray called STOPPERS 4 works well and has a pleasant taste....I get it at Walgreens....hope this helps....