newly diagnosed in Albany, NY

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Confused frightened,anyone ever had any experience with Dr. Michael Moran in Albany


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    I don't know Dr. Moran but as a survivor I can share my own thoughts on choosing a doctor.

    Find one who does the new robotic operation as the primary focus of his practice. Experience makes a huge difference in my opinion and the robotic operation has amazing results. The horror stories we all hear when first diagnosed are no longer the norm in most cases. Don't be
    hesitant to travel if no doctor local is available who has this capability. It's that important.

    Radiation can be an option but if you are younger you should be aware there are serious side effects that can show after a decade or so.

    I am sorry to hear life has put you down this road but understand this type of cancer has many different medical weapons to eradicate it. You have every reason to expect to live a NORMAL long life.

    Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can share that would help ease your mind.

    Best Wishes,

    Ron C

    PS I found the biopsy worse than the actual surgery. ..grin..
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    Hi ... I don't know Dr. Moran but he is with the same practice that did my surgery... I had a prostatectomy 3 years ago this May at St. Peter's ...the surgeon was Dr. Ted Chang ... so far the cancer has not returned and I did not experience any in-continence ... in fact I often joke about the fact that I now can pee like I did when I was 20 ... no more difficulties ... if it weren't for the cancer, the surgery actually improved my quality of life ... Dr. Chang was able to do a nerve sparing operation and I got full return of my sexual function after one year ... so no problems there ... everyone's experience is unique to them and I was fortunate to have had very little side effects from the operation ... now if the cancer remains gone, I will be none for the worse. I took Dr. Chang because he was the uroligist I got assigned to when my primary care doctor found that I had an elevated PSA ... I did not ask the doctor any questions beyond what was my prognosis... if I had to do it today I would have asked a few more questions like: how many prostatecomies have you done; how many of your patients developed serious incontinence and or sexual problems; how many of your patients remain cancer free after 5 years; how many of your patients required salvage radiation or therapy. As it was I just went along with the surgery and the surgeon after consulting with the radiation oncologist at St. Peter's and rejecting radiation as the primary treatment ... my overall experience at St. Peter's and with Dr. Chang and his group practice has been very positive ... good luck to you and know that the diagnosis is a far cry from being the end of life as you know it .....
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    Hi -- I'm from downstate NY - don't know him. Had a RP done last Thursday -- home mending. Wasnt so terrible -- just sore now -- everything else is OK. Two nights in -- walking next morning.

    The other advice you got here was right on the mark -- ask many questions. If you are considering a robot procedure -- ask how many the doc has done -- same with the RP. Not sure if there is a 'minimum' number of robotic procedures the doc needs to have done, but the leading guy here on Long Island has done 125+; doc from Sloan I met - did 100. RPs are different - same doc at Sloan Kettering did 2500, the guy I selected did 1500. First uro who did the biopsy does 6 a year!!

    Ask about everthing -- his success rate after 5 yrs; types of complications; how many procedures does the hospital do a year, etc. Also -- I think everyone gets a second opinion on the biopsy itself.

    Here's a site that lists surgeries by procedure and doctor -- see if your guy is on it.

    Good luck -- you can beat this.

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    Hi, I just had my LP on 12/27/06. I am doing fine. No serious incontinence or ED issues. I know what you are experiencing. Keep the faith....their is life after PC.
    I agree, you must have a good doctor who has performed many procedures and still does procedures today. The doctor is as important as the procedure.
    Keep us posted on your progress.