told 1yr 2 live, now cancer free 1 yr later

I feel a bit guilty at times when I hear of others pain. Last march I was told I had a year to live and this march, 1 year later i am cancer free. But if i can give hope to anyone in need this would be my goal here. A single mother of three age 37, after having displysia at age 18, then a upsetting, long, emotionally draining triplet pregnancy that ended in only one surviving baby after caring them together alive and dead for 5 weeks in utero and in the Docs office and hosp almost daily i couldn't face going again until i was forced by the blood and pain of cervical cancer 4 years later. Too late it seemed to catch it this time. Late stage 3 with lymp activity. Looked as though it had moved into my spine and I was terminal. Underwent surgery for rad hyst. 2 days later. THANK GOD it turned out to be arthritis in my spinee they found and spared me my life i now know, but i wasn't out of the water yet. Chemo and radation and alot of tears to come. Again so very blessed, I never lost my hair during chemo and the sickness wasnt as bad as i thought(although bad still) and radiation sucked(the soars and loss of bowel control and daily trips to the hosp) but by the grace of GOD today I have been CANCER FREE for 6 months and counting. My life will never be the same. I am not the person I was one year ago. I still suffer panic atttacks but there getting better. I thank Sylvia Browne for the books she writes. Some may laugh, but this is what got me through. She helped me gain faith and find peace. May God be with you all and I pray each of you to find what helps you gain inner peace. Life is such a blessing that is so easily taken for granted. Too bad it takes something like this for one to realize it. Hang in there and God Bless!


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    Soldiergirl, this is the kind of story I needed to read this A.M., had CT & headed to Dr. Mon. to talk-really scared right now about making any decisions. Thanks for the hope.
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    Hi! I'm very excited that you have been cancer free for a year. I too am surviving cervical cancer. At first I thought I was certainly going to die very soon. Mine had also spread to the lymph system. It was up around my heart and spine. Somehow, I got stronger every day. I thought about cancer all the time. Now, 5 years later, I'm doing well. No sign of reoccurrance. It's amazing how time does make things much easier. I love to hear and read the success stories. Like you, I think it's important for survivors to let others know that we can beat cancer. My web page on this site is Christina's Cervical Cancer Corner. Thanks for your great success story. I wish you well.