Radiation for Vaginal Cancer

My mom is 87 and had a hystorectomy in October. She had Stage 1 Uterine Cancer. She had her 1st pap this week since surgery and the doc seems to think there might be vaginal cancer and might want to do radiation. Has anyone had radiation for this? If so, how was it?


  • kellyw314
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    I was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine in May and following surgery I had 27 external beam treatments - I had some mild bowel discomfort which was resolved with imodium - not sure how your mom will respond due to her age kellyw314
  • jmdaughter
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    Your Mom's Cancer
    My mom is 88 and has been diagnosed with vaginal cancer also (adenocarcinoma). The doctors are asking her to go through 5 weeks of daily external radiation and 3 treatments of internal radiation and she is scared. Did your mother go through with her radiation and if so, how did it affect her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I hope your mom is okay.