Resvert and Carnivora? Anybody take these?

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The surgeon who performed my mom's surgery suggested she take these supplements. I wanted to know if anyone else out there has taken these and if they are ok.


  • cabbott
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    I haven't taken either, but I looked them up. I prefer eating my antioxidents (ie a colorful plate full of fresh veggies!), but I'd be interested in what research you can find on the Resvert. Super supplements sometimes don't behave like the super foods they come from. Look at soy supplements (and don't use them if you are estrogen positive bc please) and soy foods (not a problem for women to eat once or twice a week.). Extract from a Venus Fly-trap sounds even stranger. That's what I found on Carnivora on the net. I feel more comfortable with well-researched medicine or treatments, but who knows? My onc. suggests a cheap multivitamin, a varied diet full of veggies and whole grains, and plenty of daily exercise. But my lung specialists (I'm blessed with both bc and lc!) suggested selenium and vitamin C to decrease the lc. I found research on both of those either completed or in process. So good luck and let me know how they work or if you find any research on them beyond the fliers from their manufacturers.
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    I would definitely check with the oncologist first. I think there are better and more effective supplements for BC survivors. I take many, but I don't take either of those. I do a lot of research before I decide to take one.