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We went to my mom's doctor's appointment yesterday to get the reports and pathology from the surgeon. So far the results look good but an oncologist has yet to look them over and give his/her opinion, tell us what stage she is in, and what treatments she will be receiving. All of the spaces for prognosis throughout all of the reports, say favorable. The frozen section is negative for metastic tumor. The margins are clear. No residual infiltrating ductal carcinoma. It is 85% estrogren receptive with favorable prognosis. It is 30% progesterone receptive with a favorable prognosis. The Ki-67 proliferation Marker shows the percentage of cells showing nuclear staining. Under 10% is favorable. She is 11% so it's borderline.

Did anyone have similar results and if so what kind of treatment was necessary?

We are in NJ so we are trying to find the best doctors and treatment facilities. We know she can't start treatments until her surgical areas have healed but once they are healed we want to start treatments immediately.

Again, thank you all for responding to my messages and for all of your prayers.

I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers daily.


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    So far the results sounds good. She may just have to do radiation and a pill for 5 years... She maybe able to skip Chemo if she had no node involvement. Get yourself a good Onc and sit down and get her to run the statistics for you.

    Take care... God Bless... Glad your news sounds very good.

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    I don't know what part of NJ you are in, but I have heard good things about Fox Chase in Philly and Sloan-Ketterring in New York. Good luck!
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    EVERYTHING looks GREAT! Wait for the staging, but it looks like rads and Tamoxifen/Aromasyn for 5 years will do it, just like my mom!
    I was not so lucky, I was stage IIB, in the sentinel nodes, so chemo/rads with Tamoxifen is my routine.
    BUT, almost one year post treatment, I am doing fine...maybe 3 hot flashes a week (very managable...just run my wrists under cold water)...surgical menopause in May 05 for colon cancer....I have my life back....Yipee!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Congratulations on the encouraging news. If you're in North Jersey, look into Hackensack Medical Center (sorry about the spelling) If you're in the central part of the state The Cancer Institute of NJ is at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick ( it's a NCI center) Overlook in Summit has a good program and Sloan-Kettering now has several outpatient centers in NJ