one year

I was diagnosed with St 1a in december 2005, hysterectomy followed by 6 months of chemotherapy. F/u has been mri/ ct scans x2, labs, chest xray...all have been clear....i need to hear from someone who has been clear and what to expect in the next yrs to gyn/onc. was associated with MD anderson/houston and i highly recommend her practice


  • tlva
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    Good for you girl!!! Did you have endometrial cancer or sarcomas of the uterus? Both uterine cancers but not treated in the same way.

    I had Grade 1, Stage 2b endometrial and had surgery followed by radiation. Chemo is only given for advanced endo cancer to hopefully buy some time. It will not show up in blood, or mri's or ct scans unless it is advanced.

    I had all of my treatment in a university setting as well, and did tons of research at M.D. Anderson. Their protocol for my stage and grade was exactly what I received here.

    I also received the handout from their recent symposium on new advances in the treatment of endometrial cancer and nothing has changed in a few years.

    Maybe you were in a clinical trial? Anyway, my followups have been only pelvics every 3 months and paps every 6 months. I feel great and have not had any problems. I wish the same for you and hope you find someone to connect with in a similar situation!
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    It's been almost 4 years since I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer - long enough for me to have forgotten what stage it was, and that surprises me. I had a complete hysterectomy, 20 weeks of radiation, & 3 HDR treatments.

    I do get tired of being poked, prodded, & scanned, but I'm doing fine. At my last visit, my radiation oncologist said to come back in a year. I see my internist a lot more often than that! 3 years ago I went to my 40-year HS class reunion on the other side of the country & traveled around a bit; last summer 19 of my family members & I cruised to Bermuda for my stepson's wedding; last fall I spent 3 weeks in Italy with 5 other women; and some friends & I are planning a trip to Great Britain next year. Life after that first year has been just fine. Now I'm 60 & figure that, while I won't live forever, I'm as likely to die from falling off a cliff as from cancer. Which is OK by me.