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Well I don't understand some of the rational out there for preventative medicine. My friend the one who had to fight to get her skin cancer spots removed and then found she was loaded with lumps in both her breasts. I have heard way to many times now how lumps have become cancerous tumors later on and not all lumps that seem to be normal cysts are...
Well she went for all the tests and biopsies and they feel they want to watch and wait. Though they are of concern and in another month they will do all the tests again. Funny how different things can be from state to state or province to province here in Canada. Her own mother died from breast and bone cancer as well as her grandmother on the other side of the family.
As a friend I have learned that I what I believe and decide won't be good for anyone else. All I can do is give my experience and the information I have gotten over the years. That is all any of us can do.
I was never good at waiting and seeing so just didn't. I drove my treatments and learned all I could so that my decisions were based on information out there. I am with Oprah Knowledge is power...


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    Tara, I'm sure there are many of us that feel the same as you do "trying to understand the rational for preventative medicine at times, I am one as well, you may remember my daughter, like you was delayed in treatment due to oversight and faulty dianostic in her original treatment. Now conventional medicine says, they have no way of curing her, but can hope to keep her going with continual treatment ( a lifetime sentence of variuos Chemotherapy). We've decided to move on to a treatment that gives us more hope than that. We don't know for sure that even this treatment will give her a complete lifetime free of Cancer, but we have more confidence in it then all the others we've seen or heard of to date. The treatment like all others is very expensive and some insurances may not cover it, her's at best will cover 50 per cent. If anyone wants to find the name and location of this treatment center, you can Email me at hvac0[email protected] Tara, I hope your friend gets the attention she needs sooner than later.

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    Thanks Len,
    I hope your daughter is managing to cope with all this going on her life. In my case I wasn't even given the diagnostic test since the doctor thought I was just tired not sick and too young. I should feel better that my friend is at least getting the attention she should of gotten years ago considering the skin cancer and I just found out as well has had cervical early stages of cancer. Cancer is huge through out her family history both sides. I will have to learn to let these feelings go since she is finally getting the care she needs to keep on top of this all. Got to find the blessings and be grateful for them that is truly what I have to do.
    I hope your daughter is well and I would be intersted in what the therapy is that your daughter is undergoing. You can email me here I am sure.
    Hang in there,
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    Hi Tara, I agree totally. 1st told 39 too young to have cancer, 2nd time told blood is fine, pain in back "treated" w/chiro & phys. therapy. Finally developed a cough & demanded an x-ray.
    Third time, headaches were stress, etc. Blood is fine. We know by now cancer doesn't show in my blood.
    Follow your gut.
    Be well, have fun!