Azacitidine treatment

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A dear friend of mine is about to start Azacitidine treatment. We don't know anyone who has used this drug and would like to hear from anyone who has--both good and bad results. Thanks.


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  • Deausa
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    Hello Joyce, I am a female and have been on Vidaza, which I believe is the brand name for
    azacitidine, when I first started treatment I was very low on blood counts needing blood about once a week at least 2 pints ea. time , this was back in Feb. and my counts are up
    and this month will be my 8th cycle, haven't lost much hair just a lil thinning but I am 45 so could be age as well but I must say I have a lot more energy and am waiting for the phone call saing "we found a match" it is really nice to verbalize some of this I hope it helps, I hope you can also tell person that HOPE and reaching out to others helps the most and take advantage of all the resouces available out there. Whew thanks for listening (lol)
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