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My Mom had her bladder removed 5 years ago because of Bladder Cancer. Thank god she has been cancer free since. For the last 2 months she has had blood in her bag and severe back pain. Has this happened to anyone else out there? She has had 2 scans and has been told that everything is fine. She can barely walk and the blood is now very red. She has been treated for Kidney infections and now the Oncologist is going in on Thursday through the stoma hole to do some exploritory??? We are all praying that it has not spread to her kidneys???


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    I've had a urostomy since 1989 and a transplanted kidney connected to the existing urostomy since 2002. Good that she's having a look see into her ureters via the stoma. I have had that done a couple times. There can be many reasons for red (arterial) blood in the pouch ... most of it is from some kind of irritation (or even just rubbing ) of the stoma or the inside of the ileal loop.
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    My mother is considering bladder removal but at 83, is uncertain if the recovery period is worth the time. She is in good health and a world traveler, but at 83, can she bounce back with a good attitude and a readiness to continue on? What was your experience with your mom? What was her age?