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No cancer in the lymph nodes!!! After bone scan, no cancer there either!!!! No need for chemo!! Dr. recommended Tamoxifen but I declined after research told me that it would improve my chances of non-recurrance by only 21/2 percent. Right now I am waiting for swelling to go down so I can move on to a prothesis and have my clothes fit again :-) I realize how fortunate I am and thank all of you for your wisdom and support! God bless you!!


  • RNHF1986
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    I'm so happy you don't have to do chemo! Keep up the great attitude. Isn't it nice to get some sunshiney news on a Feb winter day! Cheers to you!

    Becky (the new kid on the block)
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    hip hip horray!! no chemo!
    sunbeams spraying around you!
    bunches of hugs,
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    That is really good news, I am happy for you. It is good that you stayed away from the Tamoxifen also, that is one that can cause other tumors to show up. Best wishes for continued success.
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    Whooo Hoooo.... Happy Dance time.... so glad that you caught the beast early and stopped him in in his tracks...

    Take care... God bless....

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    Super super super.