Good news, - for a change!

Plymouthean Member Posts: 262
I've received good new, for a change. After only three chemo treatments, my low-grade NHL is "gone"! I'm in remission. The best part of this good news is that it went away quickly, and the quicker it goes away, the less likely it is to return. If it does return, it will take longer for it to return.
So thank you, everyone, for your support.
I'll be here on the LC and NHL boards.


  • nikkismom
    nikkismom Member Posts: 18
    that is so awesome to hear. Mine started shrinking after 2 treatments
  • Ashleynicole
    Ashleynicole Member Posts: 2
    Hi There ,
    I am Ashley Strande, I am happy that you are in remission , I went in remission too on my third Chemo . Can you please write to me and tell me your story . I would like to get to know you .My Email is [email protected]
  • hischosen
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    please tell me the chemo regimin that you were on...i was just diagnosed and dont know what from what. i will be on chop r but am not sure if that i indeed the best option. i am celebrating with you and want you to know that your success in this has given me hope to keep up the fight.