Looking for people who have had experience with these treatments for Breast Cancer

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Taxol with Avastin
LUHS Carboplatin/Avastin/Abraxane
Abraxane alone
Carboplatin plus Taxotere
THe above are 4 different treatments suggested by my Daughter Maria's Onocoligist and if you have had any of these and can let me know if you had good or bad experience with these, I would appreciate hearing from you Thanks You. We are having a tough time with these decideing what to do at this point. I had an earlier message on here if you would like to see Maria's History

Thanks Len


  • LesleyH
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    Hi Len,

    I don't have an awful lot of insight, but in my experience, the side effects of Taxotere are worse than the side effects of Taxol. Good luck with your decision.


  • rgilliam8867
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    I had 4 dose-dense treatments w/ Epirubicin and something else (can't remember) and 4 dose-dense with Taxotere. The Taxotere was much easier to handle than the others. I even started a full-time job in the middle of my taxotere treatments. But, everyone handles things differently. Ask the oncologist if there are any clinical studies that are going on that your daughter might be a candidate for and/or which treatment regimen shows the greatest long-term results. I didn't qualify for any of the clinical trials, but my oncologist picked the regimen that he felt would be the best for me that followed the same regimen I would have had if I did qualify.

    God Bless,

  • krkath
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    Hi Len,
    Since I had a masectomy and cancer in my lymph nodes...my oncologist told me he was going to "Hit me Hard" to make sure they got all the cancer cells. I had 6 treatments of Adriamycin, Cytoxin and Taxotere at each infusion.
    I was pretty much down and out of it, on my last 2 chemo infusions. (On the couch).
    However, more recently I've read that they are using Taxotere for very stubborn and chemo resistant cancers. Resulting in a much better survival rate in other types cancers.
    I don't know about the Carbol or others and maybe you will get feedback on them from some of the wonderful women on this site willing to share so much of their own experiences.
    Taxotere was rough on me, don't get me wrong. But, like so many others say; it really does depend on the person.
    Good Luck to You and Your Daughter,
    Kathy R.