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i reaaly enjoyed reading all of your messages i will try to answer some of your questions. my ca125 started at 14,000 but went down to 10,000 after first chemo. i have two doctors one is a gyn/onc and one is a med/onc. they were both assigned to me at the hospital but from the information that i have seen on them they are both considered to be very good doctors. i live in the little rock ar area. my doctor said that he has several patients who presented the same way that i did and that they are doing well. he wants the chemo to dry up more of the fluid before he operates. i had not missed a day of work in 12 years for being sick and had even went to work on the day i was amitted to emergency room. i had only been feeling bad for a couple of weeks so this was a surprise. i am feeling well now and am just trying to figure out what to do all day since i am not working. i am going to dallas tomorrow to see my grandbaby as a flower girl in a wedding. i have next round of chemo on fri. the 23th and will see one of my doctors on that day. maybe i will find out more then. thanks again for the nice welcome. kathie


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    Hi Kathy,
    I have heard very recently of this new way of tx, (that is chemo before debulking surgery) and have heard that the results are very promising. So you don't really know your stage that is done suring the surgery. IO'll tell you alittle about me. I was dx. in Nov of 04. Went to the ER for pain and adb bloating from that time yo my surgery was 2 weeks. I had extensive invasive carcinoma of the ovary, and omentum and bowel. I came out with a colostomy bag. Had 6 cycles of carb/taxol. I was then deemed NED- no evidence of disease. So I had a colstomy reversal and seconl look surgery. During that surgery, my gyn/onc could still see more ovca, plus all cytology washing and biopises were positive for cells. So then 6 cycles of Doxil. finished in Jan 06...was in remission, but my ca-125 started to climb in Aug 06. I had doubled and tripled in the next 5 months before it showed on my ct scan. So now I'm in my first cycle of Gemzar. My ca-125 was 59.8 at start of my new chemo. Good luck..I had some much fliud removed at the surgery (3500 cc) and 2 weeks earlier at the ER they drained 1900 I know it must be making you feel alittle better. I'll be adding you to my prayer list'''smiles and (((hugz)))>>>Joanne
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    Kathie, sounds like you are good and strong about all this. Isn't it amazing how few symptoms we have. I think the bloating gave me cause for concern, but looking back, I don't remember feeling sick at all. I hope you get through this chemo with the least amount of discomfort and that you will knock a lot of it out before the surgery. Oh, lucky you with a grandbaby visit! That is certainly the light in my life and I'm determined to stick around and watch him grow, God willing. All the best to you. Hang in there. PS..I taught myself to knit and am working on my first quilt also. There is much to be said for staying home in a peaceful creative environment. I do admire your work ethic, and I'll bet you fight this cancer with everything you've got.
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    Kathie, your positive attitude is going to carry you far! Although I don't know much about the practice of chemo before surgery in dealing with OVCA, I think it could be a very good concept. It's bringing some great discussion to the board, too. Hearing about a different "take" on treatment gives me a good feeling about research regarding OVCA.
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    How did your chemo go today? What are you on? It's so important to trust your doctors; I'm glad you feel you are getting the best care.
    Hope the wedding was a mental break from the constant processing of your ordeal.
    Maybe you can find a women's book group to join to keep your mind busy.
    Take care, Roann
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    HI kathy,
    I was just diagnosed in jan 07 with stage 3.... The chemo before surgery was reccommended for me as well.. i am going for my third treatment on monday. I had a ca125 of 7200, after 2 treatments it is 1600... had 500-600 cc 0f fluid,, i actually feel very good after the chemo, considering i could hardly walk into the hospital... I had some inflammed lymph nodes and my doctor says she dosent treat everyone the same... i actually liked the idea of getting the chemo right away. mentally...... after third time it is the first cat scan..... im so nervous!! So how are you doing now?