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Hi to chemo in a couple hours..not looking forward to it..but am strong and feeling very good today. Isn't that the time you start to feel good it's time for another infusion...especially when they are only 7 days apart. I did see my Onc yesterday and did ask why he changed his mind from Topotecan to Gemzar..he said because he felt I needed a stronger chemo with more punch than Topotecan...he also said that I will experience all the chemo's out there... unfortunately!!That did not make me feel good at all!!!! However..I'm,smiles ,prayers and (((hugz))) to all...Joanne


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    Sorry you have to go through that. I've had topotecan and also gemzar. Neither is any fun but the gemzar was better for me than the topotecan. Hang in there. Your Dr. shouldn't tell you that you will experience all the chemo's out there. He isn't God and does not know that this next chemo could do the job and you may never need anymore. God is in control, not the Dr. My prayers are with you. It will get better. Take care.
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    shortstuff said it all-your current treatment may do the trick, and take care of you. New treatments are being divised all of the time, so something new can crop up, too. We'll be keeping you in our thoughts and sending you strength. Hang tough!
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    Joanne, I've had both and for me the topotecan was the worst of the two. But each person is different. I've spoke to other woman that said the topo was a piece of cake. It was good to read your Dr has a long list, some docs don't. I am speaking as a person who is now on their 7th type of chemo. I will be anxious to hear that your numbers are down and remember if they aren't he has more. I've been there and done that also. Went through 3 different drugs last year before they found one to stop the growth. There is always hope. Prayers N Hugs BonnieRose
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    Interesting comments. I heard that differently when my oncologist said "there are still lots of drugs left to try"..and am eternally grateful for the treatments available to me. There seems to be a protocol with ovarian cancer treatments and they say that after recurrence, the likelihood of cure is slim to none on any of these chemo drugs. (Miracles please step in here) But we do get our lowered ca125's and remissions of varying lengths, so I have learned to accept the ongoing therapy choices as providing an opportunity for hope definately for increasing my survival time. I have had some amazing months in remission this last year, traveling and meeting my new grandchild, river rafting and taking photographs, meaningful times with friends and family, much more intensely felt than pre-cancer times. Now I'm back in chemo and trying to figure out how to travel on this weekly schedule, feeling really puny and not able to see an end to the therapy as it is ongoing. But I'll learn to live with this and find the best quality of life possible, because it's the best alternative. Having experienced intense pain with the last ca125 spike, I responded to the relief of pain (by chemo) with an appreciation for life that is renewed and full of gratitude. I also thank God and pray and meditate and use visual imagery, with hopes of a cure within me and for all of you.

    Isn't it true that it's going to be God's will, not the oncologist. Sometimes we need a little blind faith with the meds they give us, half killing us to get rid of the cancer! Giving you news that you will probably use all the chemo's out there (for o.c.) is like giving a prognosis. We don't believe those either, but that's what statistics show. They are speaking from a clinician's prospective and not from anywhere else, not even in the healing arts, or so-called alternative medicines. They are only going on the statistics of their experience with cancer cure, which is limited to chemotherapy. Wow, that makes me feel better.

    Hope your day is fantastically productive and that you are able to kick back and rest and take the new treatment with the greatest of ease.

    All the best of luck to you and to everyone out there who's going through this.
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    Good Luck Joanne. I am thinking good thoughts for you!
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    Hang in there, friend. As you can see from Bonnie and others, they've gone through several, sometimes more than several drugs. Trying to see the positive side, I'm grateful there isn't just one or two out there for us to try.

    Arent' we funny creatures? We like honesty (I usually do), but when the doctors say something we feel offended or taken aback by it. We want someone to say 'it's going to be okay' or 'this is the last time you have to do this'. Unfortunately, as everyone said, the doc is not God. But I know the Great Physician is the one in charge and on call ALL THE TIME! So, take a deep breath, take care, and we're here for you.
    Hugs & Prayers!
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    Oh,Joanne I am so sorry you have to battle this again. I realized the other day when I read an obit. and it said the gentlemen had a long battle with cancer,that is what this is.
    I know what you mean by having to try all the chemos,no thank you!
    Well you are always in my prayers.

    Love and Hugs to you, Jan
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    How's it going on the Gemzar, Joanne?
    I'm in the 4th week of Topotecan and it's yuck.
    Good thoughts to you today.