Bartholins Gland Carsinoma

I was diagnosed in June 2006 and had a partial vulvectomy and then recently found out it had returned and did more surgery. I am healing and will have to do radiation for about 5 weeks. I have had fear,anger and now gratitude to be alive. I need to find someone to talk to that has had to deal with this. This is a very rare cancer and there is about 3000 cases reported to my knowledge up to 2006. I don't know much about radiation. My doctors at the Med. Center have been wonderful but they were surprised when it came back the way it did. With it being so rare I know they are still learning. Please need support


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    I encourage you to do a search of the CSN website using the search bar at the top of this page. You can enter keywords such as "bartholin." If you wish to contact someone you can do so through the CSN internal email system. For more information on all of the CSN features, click on the help link at the top of this page.

    Best wishes on your treatment.

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    How are you doing now? I was diagnosed in oct 2022 with bartholins gland adenoid Cystic carcinoma. Very very rare as most cancers in vulva are squamous cell which this is not . I had surgery and just now radiation but i had to stop because of debilitating side effects . Was 8 treatments shy but I am no way completing . Too barbaric . I had no lymph node involvement or perineural invasion

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    Hello, could you share what your initial signs and symptoms were before being diagnosed? I am sorry for all you have been through.

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    Welcome to this board. I was visiting from the Uterine cancer page. The comment you are trying to join is from 2007. It sounds like this is very rare. I hope you are doing ok. We all have to make our own decisions about treatment.