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Just found your board. Have been reading daily. My prayers are with you also. I was diagnosed late last April have been in chemo since. My 125 is 39.Has come down with each treatment.Next treatment is tues.20th am hopefull it will drop
again and i can take a 90 day break to see how it goes.


  • shortstuff
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    Welcome! I'm kind of new but have had nothing but good wishes and prayers from everyone here. What a great group of women! I'll pray for you too now.
  • mopar
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    Welcome to our group! Sorry we're meeting here for such a difficult issue, but nonetheless you have come to the right place! You will find a wealth of information here. More importantly, you'll find the best of the best when it comes to support, friendship, hugs and prayers. Keep us up-to-date. We're here for you.

    (((Hugs))) & Prayers!
  • jamilou
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    Welcome to the board. I am sorry that you have had a need for it but the women here will be a great support for you. Good luck with your next treatment and let us know how your CA125 is.
  • BonnieR
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    Bozeta, welcome. I hate to see yet another name with ovarian cancer and having such a battle. But you have come to great board, full of woman with compassion, love, prayers, hope and experience.

    Experience with different chemos, different stages, different outcomes and lots and lots of love.

    Prayers N Hugs BonnieRose
  • lizper
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    Welcome Bozeta, even if the issue is not nice but the people here are wonderful. I have recieved lot's of support, heard nice things when needed and have had doubts answered. Keep us updated with your treatment. I wish you all the best. Prayers. Liz
  • floridajo
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    Wecome!!!! I know this is a devastating disease, and we are all here for you, anytime and anything you need we are just a keyboard away..but always with you in spirit...smiles and (((hugz)))..Joanne
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    Welcome, and I (and I certainly think everyone else) hope you will find this a great place to bounce things off us-any concerns are welcome for discussion!
  • paula2
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    Good Luck Bozeta, you're almost there, and won't it be a blessing to get a chance to regroup and get strong again. You must be very ready after so many months in treatment. Lot's of hard work getting through that time. All the best of good energy and happy thoughts, and more prayers and hugs to you.