Thank you Lord, excellent news..

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Today I thank the Lord again. My Mom's ultrasound came out perfect. Liver, gallblader, spleen, pancreas and kidney are looking fine. I can`t thank God enough, he is the greatest miracle Dr. we have. Apparently the pains are post surgery problems she will have, specially the colon gives her a hard time. I will stop worring for now and enjoy my last month of pregnancy and the birth of my lovely boy. Liz


  • mopar
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    How ecstatic you must be! Today is a day of exceptional miracles for you, Jan, and hopefully many others. Now, go relax, take care of you and your baby and let us know when you deliver!
    I'm jumping up and down for joy!
  • shortstuff
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    Congrats on your good news also. Now relax, and have a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby. My prayers are with all of you.
  • paula2
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    What wonderful news!!! Congratulations! A prayer of thanks and good thoughts sending your way. Enjoy your well deserved time now. Such a good daughter.
  • floridajo
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    What great news!!!!! I'm over joyed for you and your Mom..when is the little boy to arrive..have you picked out a name yet??? Enjoy this day and many many more...(((hugz))))..JOanne
  • Keelie
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    Liz, I'm so, so happy for you - and your Mom!!!
    Keep us updated on the pregnancy, the delivery, your Mom, etc. Lots of Love, MichaelaMarie
  • jamilou
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    That is great news. Now it is time to sit back, relax and just be pregnant! Good luck!
  • Cindy54
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    Liz,what wonderful,joyful news!! I am so thrilled to hear this. And so happy for you and your Mom. Now go enjoy becoming a new Mom!! All the best...Cindy
  • BonnieR
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    Liz that is wonderful news, now enjoy this time with your mom and the birth of your new baby boy. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie
  • JanQ
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    Praise God!!!!!! What a blessing.

    Enjoy this last month getting ready for baby boy.

    You are blessed! Jan