I'll try to be here more....sorry!

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I have been so busy with both my ex and daughter's final arrangements, AND trying to work, that I KNOW I have be letting you all slide.

I really DO care for you all, but sometimes, well, other things are on top. I DO lurk on occasion, but just don't seem to have any insight to share....

I am coming out of my 'funk', people close to me say I am looking better, and I just need to get on with 'gettin on'. There is no cause of death for my daughter yet, maybe THAT will close the issue...




  • Susan956
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    I am sure with time you will get back to feeling like yourself... you have had so much to deal with... but we are glad to have you back as much or as little as you feel like.... be easy on yourself and give yourself time...

    Your humor and insight has always been something that I know I have enjoyed greatly over the months that I have been here.

    Take Care... God Bless....


  • ireneingeorgia
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    Hugs and prayers for your Kathi. What you have gone through is not an easy thing. Hang on to fond memories and go on with life, she would want you to.
  • LesleyH
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    So glad to see you again. We missed you. Your wit and wisdom are priceless.