Looking for hummingbyrd?

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Hi everybody,
I have not posted on this site in a long time but do periodically check in and catch up on the postings.
I was wondering if anybody has heard from hummingbyrd. I noticed she has not posted since October last year.
There are a lot of new members on the board, I hope you find it useful like I do.
I noticed that mssue has posted recently...HI SUE, I hope all is going well with you and your sister.
I will check back and try to be more active again on the board.
Be well!


  • mssue
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    Hi Kristen,

    Long time no see...What in the world have U been up to? Something good I hope,lol! It has been awhile since I have seen Hummingbyrd too,try to email her-wake her up,let her know she is being thought about,talked about but mostly fondly remembered,I sure hope everything is ok-I'll be watching for her to post if I don't see it and you don't hear from her we'll have to put our heads together and figure out what's going on.

    Good hearing from U,take care and welcome back!
    Big Hugs,
  • newboobs
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    Hey Kris- glad to konw you are okay. I haven't seen byrd in a long time either. Take care!