Dancing with NED with a broken ankle

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Hi all,
Breif history colon cancer dx July 2003 Stage IV.. folfox, radiation... surgery... in remission since March 2004.. yeah... well anyways just had my colonoscopy ... removed a begnine polyp... and had my 4 mo. blood work, and met with my onc today.. she said I am doing great... Go for another annual pet/ct in May.. and another colonoscopy in April. I was out walking my dog 2 weeks ago, and fell in my yard and broke my ankle.. so I have a cast and crutches what a pain!! But I am still dancing with NED or trying to with this ankle.. so just wanted to let you all know to hang in there, and NEVER GIVE UP!!

Your friend in PA



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    That's great news Gail. Now you have 4 legs to dance on.

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    So happy you are still dancing!!!!!!!!!!!


    Lisa P.
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    Great news on NED, congrats! Sorry to hear about the ankle and hope it heals soon.
    God bless-
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    Sorry to hear about the ankle but what fantastic news about your NED status!! YEA!!!!!
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    Dear Gail: I am dancing for you, even with my back pain. I am so happy for you to hear you are NED. Sorry to hear of your ankle. You will be better in no time. Your friend Fran
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    Glad to hear that you are still NED and sorry about your ankle. As I said before in another post and I have to remind myself, we may as well enjoy the good times, because we never know when a piano will fall on our heads. jams