Bloodwork & CT Scan Results

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I had bloodwork on 22 Jan 07 and all counts came back normal except red blood cells. Normal is 4.20 and I am at 4.02. My CEA is still 0.5, but this was never taken when I was DX, so I don't know if this is a good marker for me or not.

First CT Scan was Thursday, 25 Jan 07 and Cat Scan Report indicates that my lung nodules have not changed and NO EVIDENCE OF METASTATIC DISEASE.

I thank all of you here on this board for your love, support, help and understanding and most of all I thank GOD for giving me many more days.

KathiM, I'll do my HAPPY NAKED DANCE at 7:00pm tonight.


  • scouty
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    GREAT NEWS.....Out of curiousity, why the wait till 7PM???????


    Lisa P.
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    That's great news. I agree with Scouty- why wait until 7. Is that when the planets line up (lol)? Your news helps to brighten my day.

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    Ywah, Nudgie! I'll be thinking of you at 7 just bee-bopping around ala buffo!
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    Sooooooo HAPPY to hear your good news!! Have a great time doing your Naked Happy Dance.
    God bless-
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    Oh what wonderful news. Excellent!
  • alta29
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    Congratulations! Such happy news!
  • lynn1222
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    congrats on your good news, never give up and keep fighting the beast, enjoy your happy naked dance and make kathiM proud.

    hugs lynn
  • CAMaura
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    So very happy for you!!!
  • Kanort
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    Great news, Nudgie!!! Celebrate in style!!!


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    CONGRATS!!! Definately celebrate! Your news made me smile today.

    Lisa F.
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    Fantastic news! I'm late replying - missed the 7Pm dealine, but I hope you emjoyed your naked happy dance!

    Take care - happy for you,