lump in armpit...lymphoma?

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Hi, I'm 21 and have been having a reoccuring lump in my armpit for over a year now. I had surgery to remove it in April because it was the size of a golf ball and painful. It started coming back in a different lymph node this time but still in the armpit. It is about the size of a cherry now and tender but not too painful. I saw a Dr. yesterday who said it is probably a cyst and I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow who will likely biopsy it. After doing research online yesterday and today I'm reading that this is sometimes a symptom of lymphoma , has anyone had this same symptom? what was the outcome? thank you!


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    An enlarged lymphnode could be a sign of many things. some as simple as a cyst, infection, or valve problem. If they removed one back in april, it's generaly policy to automatically do a biopsy on it when it's removed. If it was something bad they should have told you so. Did you ever get lab results from it?
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    As Donaldo says, "It could be a sign of anything", so don't panic. It's not lymphoma until they tell you it's lymphoma, any more than a cough is TB until it's diagnosed as such.
    I'm a lymphoma patient, and I recommend that you try to relax, (easy for me to say!) pending the results of the biopsy. Best wishes.
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    Thinking back, my wife went through a "stage" in her late twenties, when she experienced recurring cysts in her armpits and upper thighs. It was always a cyst,- never anything else. Her cysts, referred to as "furuncles" were, for lack of a better description, major ingrown hair situations.
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    Hi, I'm 26 and have Non-Hogdekin's Lymphoma. I also had my lump under my right armpit. I went to the doctor when it was uncomforable to lay my arm down and hard to slep on that side. It was the size of an orange. I did two Chemo treatments so far and now it down to a size of a walnut. I think a second opinion may the thing you need a possibly a different treatment.
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