Stage IIIA or IIIB Patients of NSCLC

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I want to inform patients of a new innovative approach to treating Stage IIIA/IIIB NSCLC. The concept involves teaching the body to recognize the cancer and destroy it. A new Phase III worldwide study just started, is being conducted by Merck KGaA and EMD Pharamcueticals. It can be found at clinical trials gov website.

The previous Phase IIb subset study showed a remarkable difference in survival between patients that recieved best standard of care vs. patients that recieved the vaccine plus best standard of care. The way I understand it, best standard of care allows you to use the best of treatments available in conjuction with the vaccine. I believe this includes Avastin, Tarveca or whatever the Oncologist may recommend.

My grandmother died of NSCLC. I want people who still have a chance, to have the best available treatment. I wish that this treatment was available to her when she was alive.

I would like to hear back from those that did further research on this. May God Bless You.


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    First, my condolences and sympathy for the passing of your grandmother. Thank you for posting more news on the latest treatment options. It gives patients more to consider of how to battle their cancers.

    I was watching CNN's special on beating cancer, which was hosted by Dr. Gupta. It mentioned that survival rates have increased in recent. Partly it's from better diagnostic tests, early screenings (especially for prostate and breast cancers) and more innovative treatments.

    That news and the fact that different approaches are researched into tackling the function of cancer cells is a shot of hope and optimism. The longer any patient can survive (whether on the road of remission or stability), the more that patient may benefit from those discoveries. Holding on is also making progress.