Lung Cancer Mets to Liver

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My dad has Stage IV lung cancer mets to the liver; however, all symptoms are coming from liver. He went into the hospital last evening with "hepatic encephalopathy", they tried to put a stent in today - however, couldn't get through. Without the liver processing, we can't get chemo. He is cohearant now, but does any one have suggestions to get this liver to function? We are having a MRCP done of the liver in the morning. To describe more of what is going on in the liver/gall bladder/duodenum area. Any suggestions or related stories? We aren't ready for hospice yet! Thanks


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    My mom was just diagnosed the same - please read if you haven't already -Kevin Trudeau's book-Natural Cures what they do not want you to know. I am still reading and it makes sense. Need to get the body's immune system up, PH levels in line and more good oxygen into the body to stop the cells from growing. We are also going to start this-read about it and I have heard amazing stories from survivors who did not put their lives in the hands of our Doctors who are controlled by the FDA who are controlled by the Gov't. It is all about money. It is sad and very angering. There is a cure out there and people were paid off many years ago. Why? it is all about economics. We would need a lot less doctors and put the pharmaceutical companies out of business if we lived a healthier lifestyle and no meds. Read on. As I read more I will let you know. Visit a Naturopath and a Chinese Medicine doctor. See and have heard amazing local stories and talked to a man who has done a lot of research on the above. Please email me if you want his number.