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My mom missed one day of Tarceva! She woke up this morning and she realized that she forgot to take it last night!!! I'm so scared, has anyone done this before? I know that if you miss a day, you can't make up for it by taking 2 the next day - she didn't do that, but still it scares me to find out that she missed one day of it!

inputs, anyone?


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    According to the Mayo Clinic website, regarding Tarceva,if you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible HOWEVER, if it is almost time for the next dose, wait until it is time for the next dose. DO NOT double up doses. That is standard advice for most medications, in my experience.
    I doubt if missing a dose is serious.
    When filling a prescription, or when receiving medication from any source, ask for a monograph for that medication. (My pharmacy, CVS, attaches one to the package.) A monograph is a sheet(s) of paper with all the pertinent information about that medication, including the trade name, the generic name, (if available as a generic), what it is, what it does, and how to take it, as well as other information. It is a good idea to save and file all monographs that you receive, so that you have a reference file, especially in situation like the one in which you find yourself now. In cancer treatment, it is always a good idea to have hard copies of information/instructions on file. It sometimes becomes impossible to remember everything about the information you are receiving.
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    thank you. yeah, my mom had an appointment with her oncologist today for a routine check up. She mentioned how she missed Tarceva, and what she did. What my mom did was she took one right when she realized it in the morning (after), and she delayed her next pill for a later time, eventually she will work her way back to getting back to her old routine.

    Her oncologist said that missing it is not so much of a big deal. Like you said, what she should NOT do was to take two pills after another.

    *whew* what a sigh of relief! thank God!