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I am back with more anxiety about results I forced my onc nurse to give me over the phone today about pet scan results when I have a dr appt. tomorrow. She said it report showed negative and unchaged BUT with a small (I think) uptake in one of my lungs. Pet scan tech told me be sure I told dr I was getting over pneumonia because it could show up on scan but all common sense has left my mind. Every time I have a pet scan I go through this and this is the second time there was something amiss. First time it was something benign which doesn't usually show up on ANYTHING but leave it up to me. Also had 5cm 3rd stage mass in right breast that didn't show up on 2 mammograms and an ultra sound. I am having a hard time trusting medical people and tests ets. Just wanted to complain. I'll know more tomorrow and some day I will learn to LEAVE THINGS ALONE.



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    Meems, why are you having PET scans? The first thing to know is that they are extremely inaccurate. You will always need at least one more test to confirm any findings.

    The second thing is to find an onc that you can have confidence in. If you don't like the one you have, look for another. This person could save your life.

    I know what you mean about idiot medicine. There are a lot of board certified idiots out there. I now have great medical care because I researched and shopped around until I found it.

    Good luck.

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    Just wanted to add my positive thoughts and prayer for you for tomorrows appointment.

    Take Care... God Bless....

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    Believe it or not, I had stage II breast cancer WITHOUT uptake showing on a PET scan. So much for this always being right. ANYTHING that is active (INCLUDING pneumonia) will uptake, including brain, lung, and bowel. This scan is a good indicator to ask further questions, but not to always conclude that it is cancer.

    Have you had an MRI on the breast? New studies suggest this is more accurate than mammograms and ultrasounds...ask your doc.

    But, I also agree you have to have health people you believe in. I switched oncologists because of this, and I LOVE my new one!

    Hugs, Kathi